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Stackable Pallet Cage Foldable Storage Cage


1.Scale:Heavy Duty
3.Type:Storage Pallet Cage
4.Material:Steel Q235
6.Finish:colorful powder coating

Product Details


Collapsible Foldable Storage Cage Mesh Wire Container For Transportation

Stackable Pallet Cage mainly loads some heavy products and can be folded and stacked to effectively use the storage space. It also features low recycling costs. It is widely used in manufacturing-type processing enterprises, product warehouses, logistics storage centers and other occasions. They are an important part of modern logistics storage equipment. It has various structural forms, convenient and flexible use, and strong loading capacity. It can usually be stacked on top of each other, or can be matched with a forklift to flow in the area,casters can be installed at the bottom, and it can be lifted, shifted and dropped with the crane.
The bottom of It adopts a frame-type rigid structure, which is welded by a steel panel and steel legs. The bottom frame is usually made of welded frames using rectangular tubes and square tubes, square tubes are generally used for the columns, and the surroundings are welded with the same high quality cold drawn steel wires and high quality profiles as the storage cage. The surface treatment adopts shot blasting technology, which can better remove rust and oil, eliminate the problem of sewage pollution caused by the previous pickling and phosphating, and meet the environmental protection requirements, which is conducive to the export of Stack Rack. In the later period, high temperature spray baking technology is used to make the product look neat,beautiful and durable.

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