Heavy Duty Stackable Metal Pallet Box

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Product Details

Product Feature

The main material of our Heavy Duty Stackable Metal Pallet Box is formed by special equipment, the rivet connection is strengthened. Due to the high performance, our Heavy Duty Stackable Metal Pallet Box can be an ideal item for forklift operations, and easy access to goods. It is mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage, combined transportation, turnover and other ultra-light metal pallet series.  Due to the proper size and compact design, it can be placed everywhere in order to help releases space.

Product Description

The Heavy Duty Stackable Metal Pallet Box is equipped with advanced process, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, it provides wonderful storage and are available of any kind of occasion. The rustic distressed appearance is very popular, making these crates both practical and decorative. 




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