Wire Mesh Collapsible Metal Container

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Product description of Wire Mesh Collapsible Metal Container

Folding and unfolding are very convenient and fast; foldable metal container is the product of modern enterprise storage warehouse piled up; workshop product turnover; transport enterprise products logistics ideal and high efficiency products enterprise, to reduce operating costs; improve the efficiency of workers, should choose high efficiency products, you should use the multi-function products, buy folding metal container is your factory products, product warehouse stacking, to enterprise product logistics transport reform, upgrading a wise choice. metal container is the best choice for your factory to invest for a long time.

Product specifications



Malltek's guarantee for old and new customers:

1. Metal container through the Chinese packaging research and test center test laboratory pressure test.

2. Metal container according to the national standard, to ensure weld uniform, solid without welding, weld phenomenon.

3. Metal container is loaded with full load, the deflection of the load-bearing beam is not more than 1/250.

4. Metal container steel used are from steel or steel.

5. The profiles used in the metal container are made by the company's cold bending unit, the automatic punch press, the bending machine and other equipment, and the products are tested with the corresponding testing instruments.

6. Metal container surface all uses alkaline plating treatment, the texture is fine and the antioxidation resistance is strong.

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