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Why are more and more convenience stores choosing Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures?

In addition to the beautiful fashion appearance, there are the following points, that’s the reason why more and more people choose Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures.

1, Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures installation more convenient.

Traditional wire mesh back panel and perforated back panel is difficut to instal caused by deformation. In addition to pay attention to the edge of the wood board, its installation is more convenient.

2, Cost of Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures and Steel garment fixtures almost the same

Because of the increased steel price, the price of wood and steel is almost the same, and wood processing is more convenient.

3, Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures has more collocations than steel rack

More convenient of collocations for Wood Stainless Steel garment fixtures, because of more varied wood material and varied color of steel with powdering coating, and different collocations for different store requirements.

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