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Display Stand Racks Supermarket Steel Shelf

Display Stand Racks Supermarket Steel Shelf


1. Material:Metal
2. Package:Carton
3. Useful:Supermarket Shopping Mall
4. Capacity Loading:60kgs

Product Details


Display Stand Racks Supermarket Steel Shelf

Retail shelving bays offer a modular and flexible solution to displaying products.Sometimes the term "gondola shelving" is used as a generic term for any type of supermarket shelving but,normally it refers to double sided, shop shelving designed for use in the central aisles of the store.

Gondola shelving is the most significant piece of shop equipment, not because most products are displayed on the gondola shelves, but because it is used to create the overall store layout by forming the shelving aisles. Shelving aisles should be positioned strategically to direct customer flow. Routing customer flow around the store is an essential method to ensure exposure to all the products on display


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