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1.Token Coin Lock System for Supermarket Shopping Trolley Cart Used for Retail Grocery Store

With a coin lock on shopping trolleys, you can manage your trolleys easily. Customized coin lock can fit different common coins and up to 2 coins each lock. There are metal and plastic models for options.
2.Product paramenter

Item NoDimensionDescription(mm)Product Weight
MT-STL0190*70*68Zinc Alloycustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.75
MT-STL0292*70*68Zinc Alloy;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.75
MT-STL0380*62*40Zinc Alloy;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.65
MT-STL0490*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.28
MT-STL0590*70*68Plastic;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.33
MT-STL0690*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle/
MT-STL0790*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.25
MT-STL0890*70*71PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle/
MT-STL0980*62*40Zinc Alloy;customization/0.65





1.Q: Can you produce your goods according to customers?
A: Of course.We can meet all of customers' OEM/ODM requirement.
2.Q: What is your after-sales customer service ?
A: 2 years quality guarantee for shopping trolleys and QHDC wheels,any quality problems within validity can be free replaced at once.
3.Q: What about the MOQ?
A: Normally, minimum order quantity is 1000pcs.
We also can accept the order less than 1000pcs, but the price will be reworked based on the actual FOB cost (just a little bit difference).


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