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Anti theft shopping cart coin lock


1,Easy to using the Shopping Cart Coin Lock
2,The anti-theft shopping cart coin locks or trolley locks
3,ensure that a cart or trolley is always available for your next customer
4,Coin lock extend the life of your shopping carts or trolleys
5,help you reduce the number of stolen or damaged carts or trolleys 6,help keep your carts or trolley properly stored and secured

Product Details


1.Token Coin Lock System for Supermarket Shopping Trolley Cart Used for Retail Grocery Store

With a coin lock on shopping trolleys, you can manage your trolleys easily. Customized coin lock can fit different common coins and up to 2 coins each lock. There are metal and plastic models for options.
2.Product paramenter

Item NoDimensionDescription(mm)Product Weight
MT-STL0190*70*68Zinc Alloycustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.75
MT-STL0292*70*68Zinc Alloy;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.75
MT-STL0380*62*40Zinc Alloy;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.65
MT-STL0490*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.28
MT-STL0590*70*68Plastic;customizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.33
MT-STL0690*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle/
MT-STL0790*70*68PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle0.25
MT-STL0890*70*71PCcustomizationon 25-27mm trolley handle/
MT-STL0980*62*40Zinc Alloy;customization/0.65





1.Q: Can you produce your goods according to customers?
A: Of course.We can meet all of customers' OEM/ODM requirement.
2.Q: What is your after-sales customer service ?
A: 2 years quality guarantee for shopping trolleys and QHDC wheels,any quality problems within validity can be free replaced at once.
3.Q: What about the MOQ?
A: Normally, minimum order quantity is 1000pcs.
We also can accept the order less than 1000pcs, but the price will be reworked based on the actual FOB cost (just a little bit difference).

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