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Shopping Cart Caster Wheel


1,Shopping Cart Caster Wheels for value prices.
2,heavy duty loading for caster wheels.
3,samples available.
4,4 & 5 inch with NON-noisy.

Product Details


This range of Shopping Cart Caster wheel is build to support the weight of shopping carts at malls and stores. These are often maintenance free and do not get rusted and are ideal for shopping cart mobility with ease.

As the saying goes: Strong horse with strong saddle, good trolleys also need good caster.Our trolley caster use the durable material to decrease the maintain fee.4’’PU wheels are usually on the trolleys under 125L and 5’’

PU wheels are on the trolleys above 125L. TPR wheels makes less noise and the elevator wheels suit the walkway of elevator.


2.Product paramenter




1.Which caster for which floor?
The selected role should match the nature of the soil in order to provide optimal performance. Here are a few suggestions:
concrete floor: polypropylene, polyamide (rather loudly), polyurethane (rather quietly), elastic rubber (quietly)
bright floor: rubber or other traceless casters
Tiled floor: several elastic or rubber casters
Carpet: rubber, polypropylene or nylon (PA)
2.Can Malltek accept sample order?
Yes. Malltek accept any sample orders for testing and quality check.
3.Delivery in general.
Please contact us with your special inquiry and we will see, what possibilities we have. We always try our best to bring you your goods as soon as possible.

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