Metal Supermarket Iron Wire Shopping Basket

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Shopping basket can be divided into solid shopping basket and folding shopping basket.

Solid shopping basket is fixed and unfolded. They often appear in large supermarkets, mostly plastic shopping basket and iron wire shopping basket, bearing heavy.

The folding shopping basket is a new shopping basket designed to save space and carry conveniently. More suitable for the family, for shopping, selling vegetables and other small goods transportation and storage. The materials for collapsible shopping basket are waterproof cloth and metal hollow pipe.

The waterproof cloth is usually made of Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant and easy to scrub.

Metal hollow pipes are usually aluminum tubes and iron pipes. They are light in weight and easy to carry. The free supply of plastic shopping bags is cancelled, prompting more consumers to purchase their home shopping basket.

Product brand: Malltek

Product Name: metal shopping basket

Product material: Iron

Product style: large, medium and small

Product color: Red / Green / basket / orange (plastic).

Product size: large size: L450*W320*H200mm

Medium size: L400*W285*H190mm

Small size: L355*W250*H170mm

Product packaging: carton packing

Product uses: suitable for major supermarkets, convenience stores, mother and baby shops, stationery stores, KTV, libraries, etc.

Features: hard, bright, fashionable, light and easy to use.




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