Supermarket Equipment Stand Plastic Bag Holder

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Product Details

1、Product Specifications

1. Commodity name: seat-type continuous bag rack

2. Product specification: double head  or single head

3. Product features: put shopping bags

4. Product application: it is suitable for placing shopping bags in the corners of shopping malls and supermarkets

5. Assembled pallets facilitate transportation





1). We hope to changed the design.

    You can do it, please let us know your idear, we can make the design for you.


2). We want to moved the stand from here to there.

     You can choose wheel on the bottom. it will be easy to move.


3). We want to need two colors or more.

   For different rack and structure, it is workable in some condition.


4). Why the color is not consistency as the color No.?

When we make the color powder, it will have more influence on making color powder, eg: temperature, environment, weather, light and so on.


5). What is the MOQ and can be smaller?

Usually, it is MOQ 50 sets. And it will be changed base on the order quantity and total amount. 

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