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Wheelbarrows Are All A Subject Of Learning

Dec 21, 2017

In large supermarkets, apart from a wide variety of goods, we should see the most is the trolley, but such a common goods delivery tools, in the eyes of some creative Britons. In English, there is even the word "Trol-leyology", meaning "research around wheelbarrows."

A love affair

The supermarket is the best place to look for a potential partner, a clich é, but it sounds scary. So, does a deep insight into what a person buys really reveal his personality and way of life??? The Asda supermarket chain in the UK recently led the industry by launching a single shopping night. Customers who come to the store one night are said to have "accidentally met" other shoppers. The wheelbarrow has been personalized, with red bows and arrows. In addition, romantic areas have been set up in the store, covering areas where sparks may collide in the wine and chocolate food areas. It turns out. This shopping night is ideal for older or shy single people who are not used to nightclubs or bars. The point is that trolleys are the perfect vehicle for personal taste and personality.

Wheelbarrow competition

The 25 - year - old was an accountant , and he admitted that he found himself in the supermarket as soon as he had entered the supermarket . " I have a time to get upset , and then I ' ll step on a trolley , and then fly across the aisle . It feels very cool ! " Microsoft.TeamFoundation . Modeling.dll Some people stole the wheelbarrow out to the outside . If it was a kid , it might be a pleasure . But the bizarre behavior made the local authorities a headache . From Svinton to Sydney , almost every city had a " abandoned trolley line " , with the aim of clearing away the litter cart , which was a dangerous example . " When I was a child , someone stole a trolley , running along the hillside , and then throwing it into the canal . "

Research on wheelbarrows is evolving into a phenomenon in the UK. Such a noun appears in the latest English vocabulary: trolley study. Wheelbarrow learning is the study of a person by what is in his shopping cart. For example. You see a good-looking person, but his cart is full of junk food and beer. Then your opinion will change you will think that this kind of person is lazy and doesn't like cooking.

" I ' ve never met anyone through shopping , but I ' ll pay attention to what ' s going on in someone ' s car , and I ' ll compare myself with my own . How many instant meals , what kind of tea is , and so on . You ' ll find strange combinations . Recently , I found someone buying a bunch of peanut butter and a bunch of ultra - worth beef burger . What exactly did he want to do ? "

From this point of view, this simple wheelbarrow is not only used to carry food.