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What Happens When You Use The Supermarket Shopping Cart?

Sep 08, 2017

A lot of people in the supermarket when shopping is the use of shopping cart, because it will make our hands can be liberated, but also allows us to shop when the product will not make it tired, so that now The role of the shopping cart is great, but we can also see some bad in the supermarket phenomenon, resulting in damage to the shopping cart. The following leisure car manufacturers to talk about these bad phenomena is what

In the outside world, the supermarket to provide shopping cart, one to the practice of customer service, followed by the supermarket is to improve the hardware facilities. Only all aspects of the facilities in place, in order to attract more lonely. But in the daily shopping, often the phenomenon of car damage occurred. As the author in the weekend shopping in a large supermarket. Get ready to leave the supermarket. On the next elevator to go out to see the two girls, a girl even half-trip type sitting in the shopping cart. At that time I was thinking, which is the trouble it? No wonder there will be trolley bad it. An adult sitting in, can not bad what. Used to put the goods that car, at best, can be carried to 35KG or so. A person above 50KG sitting inside, it can carry so much weight? Slowly will load, resulting in deterioration of performance, and finally went to the edge of the damage. Had to be repaired. So hereby call everyone, when we go shopping, we should care for public equipment. One is to give personal convenience, and two is a person to improve the quality. Now need you and I more to care for public facilities, so as to make our city life better.

This is when we visit the supermarket will see some of the scenes, so that we use the shopping cart when you want to use, do not arbitrarily do these will hurt the behavior of shopping carts.