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Urumqi International Airport Launches Baby Stroller

Oct 11, 2017

Recently, the Urumqi International Airport 20 new car baby luggage carts, the baby and the luggage while safely placed in a wheelbarrow, so that passengers will not hold a future baby hand push the trolley.
In addition, 300 new passenger luggage carts were added to the airport
Reporters from the Urumqi International Airport branch terminal management department learned that, recently, the airport put a number of new passenger baggage carts, including the baby for the first time. The baby trolley purchase luggage cart 20 vehicles, is specialized in the well-known brand of infant supplies, storage at the airport terminal T1, T2, T3 terminal building the departure hall of the security channel, the seat color is orange and white mix, eye-catching and easy to know, liked, for two months to 3 years old baby "ride"