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Suzhou Malltek Hold A Group Event On 9th Jun.

Jun 11, 2018

In order to cultivate the company's corporate culture and employees' interest, we decided to hold a group event at the beginning of each month or at the end of each month. Due to the recent hot weather, we can choose to watch movie or KTV. Because most young people in our company are active and vigorous, most people choose KTV. So we went to the restaurant for lunch at noon on last Saturday, then we went to KTV and sang for an afternoon, and we also bought a lot of snacks. Tony first sang a song and scored close to full marks. Then he suddenly should leave for something. He said that as long as the score exceeds 90 points, the scores will be photographed and he will give us a red envelope. Afterwards, all the songs we sang were scored less than 90 points. Tony left and left myths here.We all had a good time at thay day.Not only for relax and happy,we are a group and family.

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