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Shopping Cart Is Good For Using Crystal Wheel Or Rubber Wheel

Sep 08, 2017

Supermarket shopping cart I believe we have seen and used, but his use is limited, can not leave the supermarket too far, but the hands of the big bag carrying very tired, especially for the elderly, too heavy Of things will lead to muscle sprains, so now some consumers will buy a casual shopping cart, when you can buy the food, the shopping cart wheel is the use of traditional rubber wheel or a relatively new type of crystal wheel? Shopping cart manufacturers tell you:

Rubber wheel

The crown part of the steel belt, it is difficult to be punctured hard objects, and oblique plastic crown only nylon cord layer. Safety performance is good, the tread is generally wide, so it's strong grasping. Good braking performance, good handling stability. Comfortable, low noise, thin sideways, so relatively soft, flexible, can better reduce the shock and noise. Long life, the crown of the steel wire belt, steel is very strong, the tire crown can use relatively hard rubber, thereby improving the wear resistance of the tire to extend the service life of the tire.

Crystal wheel: crystal wheel is generally polyurethane wear resistance is good, if it is rubber to wear a good cost of plastic is very high, so I would choose if the choice of crystal will be made slightly yellow polyurethane material is good , Gray-white is the poly-chlorine material without polyurethane durable.

In the end is a good crystal wheel or rubber wheel can only be said that benevolent see benevolent wise see wisdom, and now there is no conclusion, which requires consumers to purchase according to their own needs to choose.