Promotion Of Supermarket Color Value And Practical Shelf Display Mode

What are the ways to display the value of the supermarket? What is the shelf display? Window, stage, island, opportunity, side, wall, open, block, insert, sample, sell, wing (wing). Learn together!

The display of window supermarket shelves has the function of inducing customers to enter stores

The supermarket shelf display is the display of goods in the shop window, to transmit information to pedestrians. Is used mainly for the promotion of popular goods, seasonal merchandise, new goods and goods. For example: recommended in Japan in summer fireworks as the theme, to show a bathrobe in store (cotton unlined kimono), and published in the POP near the fireworks at the date and venue information.


If you build a monopoly corner in the store, you should mark in the shop head: monopoly angle and the current location of the customer; in addition, you need to use spotlights in the window, so that at night can also attract pedestrians to enter the store consumption
Window supermarket shelf display advantages: can be called "shop face" commodity information quickly pass to the customer, attract pedestrian into the shop, its role is equivalent to VP. in VMD
The display of the supermarket shelves determines the image of the store
The supermarket shelf display is to build the stage in the supermarket for supermarket shelves display goods, mainly used to promote popular goods and seasonal goods, new products and focus on the cultivation of goods, but also create the image of high-end goods

The stage is usually set in a tour and can induce customers into the store area [wall, and the island (the center of the channel)], the store to play a striking role. In addition, you can also be equipped with spotlights to highlight the goods20160802135811_27053.png

To plan the supermarket shelves: stage to spend a lot of time and energy, so we must develop a good build, annual sales plan, not without plans to carry out the supermarket shelves. The supermarket shelf display stage called the "face" of the supermarket shelves of goods. If the customer Liefang Chen have no good sense of it unable to attract customers into the store. On the other hand, can cause the customer impulse buying.
If the goods are displayed in the open space of the supermarket shelves, it is easy to be affected by dust and dirty, therefore, to set up the supermarket shelf display stage, but must be in the store space allowed
From the VIVID point of view, the stage supermarket shelf display is equivalent to VP and PP., therefore, VMD skills will directly affect the actual supermarket shelf display effect
Island supermarket shelf display is most suitable for seasonal goods and proposal goods


High performance magnet line: the active supermarket shelf display, in the off line channel configuration, like islands and walls and supermarket shelves shelves to keep distance supermarket shelves display, called the island. The supermarket shelves Chen must be related goods shelves on both sides of the channel. The most suitable for the new topic. Of advertising, seasonal goods and proposals.
Note: set the channel width of island type supermarket shelves display, to ensure the smooth passage of the spacious (keep at least 120cm above). And, in order to make customers in the far can also see the supermarket shelves display height should be set to 100cm or so, the need to use the POP panels to attract the attention of customers.


The best supermarket shelf display area in the central channel as the center, set up shop in the entrance or cashier around; in the formulation of line plan, will the island type supermarket shelves display into account, carefully set the width of the channel; not a temporary increase in the supermarket shelves in shop, will hinder the passage to the customer if the sudden increase; lamp lighting, socket wiring insulation and refrigerated goods goods should also be planned.
Corner supermarket shelf display brings low rate corners back to life


People encounter (rectangular) corner, usually walking along slow curve; moreover, the store will also have individual columnar structure can not be placed on supermarket shelves shelves where the corner became a dead area of low retention rate of customers; to reverse this situation, it has introduced the opportunity corner supermarket shelf display, shelves and corner area smoothly together.


The way to improve attention: in these areas, use containers such as rattan baskets to pile up goods, and use POP to enhance visibility
The shape of L corner, from the front to the inside as a whole related species supermarket shelf display, so that customers can glance. Or, in the design of the store, in accordance with the font embedding supermarket shelves display hidden prominent part of the "U" (which may be used as part of the design to be fully utilized).
Cash shelves on the shelves of small shelves display the impulse shopping before customers pay
Near the cashier is a first-class sales area where the customer will pass and has higher awareness. The display of the supermarket shelves on the adjacent end of the supermarket is particularly easy to induce customer impulse buying


Can the supermarket shelves of goods on display: gum batteries, lighters, cigarettes and other appropriate places are seasonal goods; supermarket shelf display; supermarket shelves can be recommended display of new products added to goods and commodities, improve awareness; may also be considered to be set in the snack shop around, let the children to buy, with their line of sight, to reduce the shelf height.
Side supermarket shelf display to maximize the use of stores
As the name suggests, is the supermarket shelf display shelves on the side of the supermarket shelves. In order to make full use of to store, side of the supermarket shelves display appear frequently in the active line shelf end or post, can be placed on board, connecting goods and shelf board. Because they don't belong to a special shelf, therefore cannot put a large commodity.


Supermarket shelf display requirements: supermarket shelves display, to hang supermarket shelves display and basket based; supermarket shelves display goods must be associated with both sides of the goods; commodity must be small, light weight
Free and effective use of wall supermarket shelf display
This is the shop wall supermarket shelf display method, can be directly used for hanging type supermarket shelves display of goods, can also be placed in front of the supermarket shelves display walls. Commodities should be from top to bottom volume from the supermarket shelf display. If the wall is located in the elevator, the back can also be displayed on supermarket shelves shelves, in order to attract and encourage customers to stay.


The functional distinction between height and low: because of the inconvenience of taking goods near the ceiling, the high wall can be used as a display of VMDPP, and IP supermarket shelves should be displayed below it, so as to attract the attention of distant customers
The bakery we use POP glass plate outward transfer of information


Open supermarket shelves display, customers can freely take goods
Open the supermarket shelves in the United States in 1930 Chen Lieyuan self-service stores now, almost all of the retail stores are in use, this is the customer can freely take goods supermarket shelf display method.


Customers can take their own POP confirmation, but also eliminates the description of the clerk's work, the product will be self-service or shopping optional way to sell, so it reduces the service gap between clerks (due to the difference between the quality of service generated)
Disadvantages of open supermarket shelf display:
Supermarket shelves display easy chaos
Commodities can sometimes be damaged and destroyed
Easy to accumulate dust
Discoloration caused by direct lighting
Block supermarket shelves display to reduce customer pressure through finishing
The type of massive focus: even the same kind of commodity, in their size and packaging are different, therefore, commodity supermarket shelves display particularly prone to confusion, which will make the customer's eyes by visual pressure, which leads to the abandoned shopping. At this time, should use the bulk supermarket shelves display.
We block supermarket shelves display mode of thinking


The so-called block supermarket shelves display is the manufacture of block objects, it is characterized by, in addition to improve the collection of small pieces of attention, also can promote similar goods between the comparison and related purchase


According to function, price, size, sales rank and manufacturers, etc.
The display of supermarket shelves is one of the key points for customers to understand at once
Sales increased because of "positive effects"
The supermarket shelves in accordance with the "positive effect" (that is, if the identification of goods are often seen, sales will rise), a striking degree will be very high. There is also the data show that the adjustment of the display for bulk supermarket shelves scattered supermarket shelf display, sales rose 30%. bulk supermarket shelf are common to the title of the VMD skills, enhance the title of the eye-catching.
Insert supermarket shelf display, so that the visibility of the overall effect
How to let the customer browse new products: for new or new purchase of goods, we can use the insert type supermarket shelves display skills! This is a way of selling merchandise into the weak strong goods, through put in a favorable position, achieve the purpose of selling.
So the customer's sight


For example, investment in new stores in beer, will use this plug-in will display the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves display in the famous beer; mushrooms new products will be displayed in the supermarket shelves between selling letinous edodes and mushroom.
Disperse strong goods: the best seller group in the store is called the strong group, they are the sales of the top 30% commodity group. Should be dispersed instead of centralized, so that customers can focus on the insertion of the vulnerable goods
We distributed a strong commodity


First of all, we must actively use plug-in supermarket shelves display, and then put it back to its original location, so that customers can deepen the understanding and make it desire to buy
Sample supermarket shelf display allows customers to experience goods
Easy to sell: functional and high value-added goods, can use the sample of the proposal display to convey information to the customer, through the customer experience the true product itself, enhance the understanding to promote its purchase


The samples of supermarket shelves display mode is widely used in cosmetics
As the proposal, suggestion, answer: if you want to sell a menu plan in food, must let customers browse sample goods, this is the method of supermarket shelf display cabinet of the restaurant's menu. The sample sample into the transparent container, so that the information is easy to transfer to the customer. In addition to the printed content and POP cooking methods, at the same time, you can put the pieces of home information to customers.
Remember: must be in the vicinity of a large sample of supermarket shelves display the goods, convenient for customers to buy
Standing (standing) supermarket shelves display vegetables and fruits stored for a long time
The supermarket shelf display means the supermarket shelves erected on the supermarket shelves display method
Vegetables after harvest, will continue to flourish. So, to the supermarket shelves according to its natural growth state display, that is, to erect type vegetables, the supermarket shelf erected can maintain its freshness. If it is flat, will be part of the energy consumption, fresh degree it will decline rapidly.


Stand type (vertical) supermarket shelf display should pay attention to: the use of plastic tray storage goods, and in the bottom of the laying of sponge cushioning materials to erect; effective POP also used to indicate this supermarket shelf display mode, and indicate the processing method of goods; in order to prevent the reduction of fresh vegetable nutrient degradation, be sure to remove the root with the core.
Selling supermarket shelves display, increase store highlights
A container of a variety: jumble "collection", "scattered mixed". Originally developed by jumblesale (grocery market sale) derived form, refers to the use of rattan basket and metal boxes, boxes and other stores with outstanding points to the supermarket shelves display method. Selling supermarket shelves display, but also cheap to the customer demands of the image.


In principle, each container can only put a commodity, can only put together the same price with a series of products (such as potato chips and savory flavor etc.). Container supermarket shelves display should also be standardized, otherwise, it will destroy the whole visual display. Store supermarket shelves in other supermarket shelf display method level you can sell the supermarket shelves collocation (for example, by hanging below, the supermarket shelves display shelves or common end supermarket shelves display so that customers easily accessible).
Must have sufficient sense: in order to display the sense of adequacy, to the accumulation of goods above the edge of the container, can be placed at the bottom of the replacement block, lifting height. If lower than the edge of the container, will reduce customer attention
Sometimes the use of nets in the middle of the shelves, so as to highlight the form of expansion; and even in the shelf end and island supermarket shelf display, build large selling supermarket shelves display
The cutting box supermarket shelf display box direct supermarket shelves displaying demands with low price
Cut box supermarket shelf display, mainly refers to the grocery and fruit juice, cosmetics (lotion) merchandise and so on in the factory when the carton directly supermarket shelves display method, use simple and fast, most suitable for discount sales high awareness of popular goods


Because of the need to cut the top of the cardboard box outside the bottom of the part (or all parts outside the lower part), we call it "cut box supermarket shelves" display, he not only eliminates unnecessary supermarket shelves display labor costs, but also give people a sense of low price
The use of cut box supermarket display shelves, should pay attention to:
1. do not empty containers, must be confirmed before the peak time; 2. put POP in a striking position, and indicate the name and price of goods; 3. to prevent health problems, can not be placed directly on the ground, should be placed in a wheelbarrow or platform with casters
Wing (wing) supermarket shelf display show "overflow" feeling
The interpretation of the "worth buying commodity" image: airfoil (wings) supermarket shelf display, refers to one or both sides of the shelf display at the end of the trolley or the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves display methods are highlighted. Because of its outstanding status in the auxiliary channel is, and is not permanent but sell sell angle; the supermarket shelves in front of the display shelves, plenty of goods, at the same time "overflow" auxiliary channel side of the image.


The display of goods in the supermarket shelves airfoil must be associated with the goods on the shelves. Basic consumables on the shelves in the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves placed in a new airfoil display of goods and cultivate goods, create the shelves in the supermarket shelves and do not spill worth buying commodity image. Of course, logo merchandise information POP is also essential.


The use of airfoil (wings) supermarket display shelves, should pay attention to:
1. do not lay the foundation consumables on both sides; 2. do not sell at the highest selling angle; 3. do not carry out in the narrow channel

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