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Not Only The Checkout System: Beijing Checkout Counter Can Intercept Expired Food

May 21, 2018

The management of food has always been a difficult problem for the retail industry. In order to improve this situation, these supermarkets have introduced the “Two-Dimensional Code Cash Register Traceability System” for smart supervision. The item “Food Warranty Period” will be automatically added to the supermarket ticket. The range of corresponding products includes supermarket-made taro and oil cakes. And other cooked food.

 Checkout Counter ticket shows warranty date

If consumers pick expired food, at the time of settlement, the Checkout Counter  computer screen will automatically pop up "this product has exceeded the shelf life" prompts, expired food simply can not get through the checkout of the cash register. These supermarkets are one of the first supermarkets in the country to have been established through the “reliable meat demonstration supermarket”.


“We have reformed the supermarket's smart Checkout Counter  system and updated the scan code gun to adapt to the 'two-dimensional code cash register traceability system' to realize the automatic identification of expired foods.” Wang Zengqing, president of Beijing Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd. introduced.

Checkout Counter  system can identify items life according to barcode

In fact, this is not new. Many smart hardware manufacturers have used different technologies to expand the depth and breadth of services in the retail industry. The "Rainbow Code" launched by supermarket giant Century Lianhua can also achieve the function of intercepting expired products on the Checkout Counter. What is Rainbow Code? In the traditional black and white product bar code is given a color, plus blue, green, through the expansion of one-dimensional information, with a color arrangement to achieve a thing a yard, the capacity can reach 549.7 billion. The biggest advantage of Rainbow Code is the upgrading of traditional bar codes and the realization of a single yard. Traditional equipment can still read bar code information. Consumers can use mobile phones and special bar code equipment to scan single product information. There is no doubt that the smart Checkout Counte function has more imagination for people.