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Malltek Settled In Changshu Clothing Center Exhibition Hall

Dec 15, 2017

Malltek stationed in Changshu clothing center exhibition hall November 2017, Neil good in the world of Changshou City clothing center has its own booth Changshu world fashion center is located in Changshu City clothing shopping center (North Road Mall Qinglian Road), and is supporting the function of Changshu clothing market the most complete market. The world of fashion, Changshu center, Changshu world clothing center with superior hardware and advanced management concept, inheriting the upgrading of Changshu garment industry, has become the Changshu garment district benchmark. Now, in the clothing exhibition center at best as a model, clothing store racks, super display, promotion desk, cashier and a series of super equipment, welcome customers to come to visit!



The booth is being arranged and will be fully open next week



Malltek is a customer oriented supply chain company, dedicated to provide one-stop supply chain services for customers.
From the early stage of the new retail industry, we have provided the one-stop supply chain solution service for commercial equipment, such as R & D, design, sales, warehousing, transportation, customs clearance agents, and final installation, after sale, goods and technology. We have won the favor and comment of our partners.





Details are available on the corporate

The exhibition hall has not been finished, and foreign customers can not wait to visit, and business negotiations.



Finally, a list of exhibition hall brands is attached. You can visit the exhibition hall according to your needs


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