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Leisure Shopping Cart Can Be How To Install The Design

Sep 08, 2017

Now no matter what the supermarkets in the supermarket goods are dazzling, it is this environment has changed people's spending habits, as long as the supermarkets into the supermarket when the basic out of the package is small, and with plastic bags carrying not only Tired and also pull hands, so more and more people will use the leisure shopping cart.

From the structural design of the leisure shopping cart, the big car + car with a small bag + tie + small wheel.

The carriage is made of waterproof 600D Oxford cloth, which contains PVC coating, not only waterproof, but also can be used repeatedly cleaning. Shopping body with a small bag, easy to put some small things or scattered coins!

The design of the rod, more convenient for the cart or to mention things. Small wheels are not only light, do not touch the ground, but more importantly, it makes our burden greatly reduced, can be free to push on the ground.

Because of the humanized design of the handcart, it has brought many people's favor. In addition to its installation is also very simple, four steps can be done.

1: fold the simple packaging

2: Expand the folding frame and shopping bags

3: located in the shopping wheel axle plastic protective buckle to take the two sides of the wheel hard card into the axis, the wheel can easily slide can!

4: the configuration of the Oxford cloth or PE plaid bag on the frame, bag body with a Velcro, a reasonable fixed in the hand frame on the line!

Many consumers will buy leisure shopping carts to the elders at home, so that they can save a lot of physical during the shopping, reduce the burden of shopping, but also to avoid prolonged weight caused by muscle strain.