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It Is A Good Idea To Buy A Folding Shopping Cart For The Elderly

Sep 08, 2017

Aging is a problem that almost all countries now face, especially in some developed countries, where the proportion of older people is considerable. Some people will say that the elderly is the family is the burden of society, but hard for a lifetime to raise children, the construction of the country's elderly is worth a greater comment.

Many young people will go out busy business, thus ignoring the old man at home, even if the elderly sick of the pain can not be timely in the care, consumers can give the elders to buy a folding shopping cart, so that they are more shopping Easy and convenient.

The brakes are divided into hand gates and gates,

1) hand brake must use the metal to the metal can not be used, or when used is easy to break, resulting in the brake is not timely, fall old man, the general Banggui shopping malls are metal, you can compare graph Take a look;

2) double bars are mainly in the elderly parking rest when the rest of the fixed vehicles, to prevent sitting when the fall. Handrails: the best choice for handrails can be adjusted, so that a little fat point of the elderly can also sit very comfortable, otherwise it will be easy to stuck the elderly, you can adjust the activities of the handrail can be from the multi-angle seat.