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How To Effectively Prevent Deformation And Collapse Warehouse Shelves

Dec 06, 2017

How to effectively prevent warehouse shelves from deformation and collapse, many people in warehouse shelves will complain that warehouse shelves are easily damaged, deformed and collapsed.

1.The reasonable selection of structure form, construction measures and materials, to advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety, and ensure the quality.

2.The tolerance of warehouse shelves, deformation and clearance shall comply with the relevant standards.


3.Have strict design program, have to comply with relevant standards, calculation. For major projects must pass a limited computing, the warehouse storage shelves composite strength, stiffness and stability of comprehensive evaluation on the safety of under the action of the earthquake.

4.Calculated using the data must be based on or after the test is available. Test reports, test equipment should be the qualified calibration measurement department in national inspection.

5.Beam type warehouse shelves, to ensure that the beams with locking devices (or screw and nut) joint, in use should check the normal operation of beam lock or the fastening screw nut, timely change of the damage.

6.Warehouse shelves column column foot should correctly based on the concrete.

7.Library shelves sedimentation type warehouse storage shelves based the unity of value should be strictly controlled, to ensure the normal use of shelf structure.