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How To Better Maintenance Racks, Maintenance Daquan

Sep 08, 2017

Here is the hanger manufacturer recommended article, how to clean the clothes rack:

First, the hanger as far as possible not to wear its skin, because the hanger's skin is generally relatively soft, that is easy to wear! If the hanger is worn, not only will affect the hanger's gloss and beauty, Said it is also very easy to rust. If you take damaged or rusty hangers to dry clothes, but also easy to damage clothes and rust is also easy to account for clothes up.

How to better maintenance racks, maintenance Daquan

Second, try to avoid racks and moisture contact. Substances in contact with the water itself is very susceptible to water corrosion and softening, but also residual a lot of bacteria, for the health of his family, so try to avoid the hanger and moisture contact, when the clothes rack clothes, The water is dry, the first is to avoid corrosion of the hanger itself, the second, too much water, the greater the weight of the clothes, likely to cause the deformation of the hanger and broken.

Third, to avoid the hanger to bear the weight of the larger clothes, if the clothes heavier, likely to cause deformation of the hanger, the hanger under the action of gravity damage. If the damage to the clothes hanger clothes, but also likely to cause damage to clothes.

  The above is the maintenance of the racks on the cleaning method, hoping to help everyone, while the hanger manufacturers also suggested that we also took out the hanger under the sun.