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How Do I Choose The Surface Of The Hanger Hook?

Sep 08, 2017

1, look at the material. Full copper casting products are often structured, hand weigh, in addition to the emphasis on similar products, and feel really, durable;

 2, look at the coating. Standard plating can not only make the surface of the product evenly, but also to avoid oxidation and rust in the humid environment. Eye to see the surface of the pendant, if the surface without blistering, coating evenly, you can choose.

 3, look at the process, through strict process standards processing products, often after a complex mechanical processing, polishing, welding, testing and other processes, the product is not only beautiful appearance, the use of good performance, and feel good, even smooth and flawless.

 4, dipped hook. The surface has a layer similar to the small hose of the protective cover, and now a lot of this form of hook with a lot. Guangzhou Guang King hanger factory with 15 years of industry experience, dipping hook has been done do not look carefully, do not see a layer of dipping effect.

 5, hangers linked to several surface treatment (process): rose gold, white chrome plated, plated pearl nickel, gold-plated and so on.