Before And After The Business Should Be How To Organize Supermarket Shopping Cart

In the supermarket, in order to facilitate the consumer shopping will prepare some shopping cart, there are some shopping carts will be designed to full of childlike car look like, is also very popular with consumers. Generally in order to make the shopping cart can be more neatly placed, the supermarket will arrange for professionals to organize.

Ø before business

1, the shopping cart collection and neatly placed in the designated area.

2, the carts of the regional trolley push check.

Ø in business

1, the entrance to the guests to give every customer trolley, to facilitate customers shopping.

2. Trolley crew to strengthen the shopping cart (basket) recovery rate, check the number of shopping carts, easy access to customers. And always pay attention to the trolley's clean, so that the car no debris water stains.

3. In the cart to pay attention to the safety of the customer and the property of the mall security, the total number of carts within 20 or less, and must use a dedicated tape to catch the head and tail vehicles, so as not to hurt the process of transport customers or Damage to the elevator.

4. There is no store in the store to use the shopping cart should be put back to the store, if the car has a product to be returned to the original shelf or Go back area, can not bring out the store; if found signs of theft should be timely report loss department Personnel handling.

5. In the warehouse after the receipt of the special location for shopping cart, easy to focus on recycling.

6. Found the damaged trolley (body deformation, tire debris, can not be used to use, body paint off), to timely collection to the designated area. Timely repair to HVAC, customs shop before C / B must be collected to the designated area trolley. Emissions are neat, good on the chain and locked with a good lock.

7. Shopping basket to be placed in multiple areas, easy to pick up the convenience of customers. Basket stacking height can not exceed 1 meter, to stack 35 prevail.

8. Front-end staff to promptly check the various places and timely replenishment.

9. all the shopping basket to be clean and tidy, the basket shall not have stains stains.

10. Do not disinfect the shopping basket regularly and place it in the place: "Disinfected, please feel free to use."

Ø After business

1, the shop front cart group staff must be trolley (basket) collected to the designated area. Discharge neatly, the square or the upper side of the chain and locked with a good lock.

2, the shopping basket to be regularly disinfected and placed in the location marked: "has been disinfected, please rest assured that use."

Shopping cart manufacturers to remind you consumers, especially parents with children, when using the shopping cart can let the children sit in the shopping cart, but can not jump, try to let the children sit, some older children is not very Suitable for the shopping cart, it is easy to stuck his hand and feet.

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