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Baby Sitting In The Shopping Cart To Pay Attention To What?

Sep 08, 2017

Often in a large supermarket to see the parents push the shopping cart, and then put the baby on the baby's seat on the shopping cart, but the shopping cart seat is safe? What are the safety issues to keep in mind when the baby is sitting in a shopping cart?

First of all, parents must pay attention to check the quality of the supermarket shopping cart, especially the quality of the baby seat part, check the shopping cart to do part of the structure, load capacity, the car's flexibility, tilt, etc., to ensure that the car is safe Let the children do the shopping cart seat.

Second, the shopping cart baby seat space to fit their baby, such as shopping cart seat space is small, but the child body fat, so the child is easy to be the main card; if the space is too large, the child is relatively young, sitting The chair can not achieve the role of security protection.

Third, do not put the child in the shopping cart box, to avoid adult shopping, the child when the activities of dangerous.

Fourth, do not let the baby stand in the shopping cart, especially the big children, pull the shopping cart or baby activities can easily lead to the risk of child instability occurred fall, even from the shopping cart turned out.

Fifth, do not let the baby with your fingers, toes to buckle the shopping cart gap, to prevent the baby by the card main hand, toes or metal scratches.

Sixth, the baby sitting on the shopping cart, we should always remind the baby to put his hands on the chest of the hand, do not put a small hand on both sides of the shopping cart to prevent the baby's hand is coming and going of the shopping cart cut rub injured.

Seventh, when there is a shopping cart around the back and forth, it is necessary to always pay attention to the baby's hands and feet, to prevent the baby when the activities do not pay attention to reach out and cross the foot of the shopping cart caught.

Eighth, do not let the baby their own hands to grab the goods on the shopping cart, especially the relatively high, more messy shopping cart, to prevent the baby caught things, the shelves of things drop hit the baby.

Ninth, baby baby riding a shopping cart, the need to strengthen the child with a seat belt, if the cart is not equipped with the ability to carry a scarf can carry the baby's waist on the shopping cart, to prevent the baby without security awareness, inadvertently turned Drop the shopping cart.

Finally, do not let the baby back to their own shopping cart, the baby's height is limited, push the cart because it can not see the front, it is easy to hit people or knocked things.

Light parents in the use of shopping carts, pay attention to these problems, after all, shopping or safety first. So cute baby, how could he let him hurt?