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About Us

Suzhou Malltek Supply China Co., Ltd. (Changshu East De Run Metal Products Co., Ltd. ) entered in the field of new type of retail industry supply chain service in 2006, which is a innovation-type cross-border e-business supply chain enterprise providing one-stop service. 


We concentrate on the integration of advantage resources in cross-border e-business industry, dedicated to the research & development of commercial devices, design, sales, warehousing, transportation, customs agents, installation, sale, goods and technology and other one-stop supply chain solutions required in new type retail industry. 

We have insight into the development trend of the industry, and explore the individual requirements of customers with great concentration. We integrate the mission of "let the world fall in love with Made in China" into the enterprise development, to maximize the benefits of the service system, thus wining the approval and praise of the majority of partners. 

To cope with the fierce competition in the market, we have set up a elite design and operation team with "rich cross-border trade experience, excellent technical excellence and complete service quality", to provide design service for free with great passion and serious attitude. 

Malltek supply chain has a profound understanding of the significance of precipitation and enrichment, who pursues the best value and quality, aiming to become a leading enterprise with 100 years of sustainable development. Malltek will forge ahead to create infinite possibilities in the future!  

Corporate Culture:

Our Vision

To become a leading enterprise with 100 years of sustainable development 

Our Mission

Let the world fall in love with Made in China

Core Values

1. Customer First

We focus on customer demands, and provide customers with positive, professional, efficient, high-quality recommendations and professional solutions,to achieve win-win cooperation. 

2. Teamwork

We share and grow up with mutual trust and assistance, to achieve the goal together. 

3. Embrace Changes

We make breakthrough in details, and embrace changes in innovation. We establish new methods and ideas actively and comprehensively. 

4. Optimistic and Passionate

We never give up with optimistic attitude, influencing the team with the positive energy. We respect each other with an attitude of gratitude. 

5. Honesty and Dedication

We constantly strive for perfection with honesty, integrity and profession; we aim to do extraordinary things with normal heart and serious attitude; we keep our promise.